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Report Analyzer for Crystal Reports

Report Analyzer compliments Crystal Reports by providing a robust solution for the design, maintenance and implementation aspects of a reporting project.

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1. Search and Find Objects quickly

Search report objects

Find over 20 report objects quickly using the Search function. For example, find which reports are using a particular table or find which reports contain subreports. Flash Demo

2. Find Cross References easily

The Cross Reference feature shows you where and how all objects are used throughout your entire report. For example, select a formula and see which design objects are referencing it - such as another formula or a report section. Flash Demo

3. View Documentation Reports

Report Analyzer comes with a library of presentation-quality reports that provide a wealth of information about your Crystal Reports projects. For example, the Database Dictionary report lists all database tables and fields used in each of your reports. You can also add your own customised reports to the library. Flash Demo | Report Samples

4. Analyze your Formulas

You can view the report formulas in the Formulas window along with potential errors and design suggestions. Also view formula properties, formula call trees, conditional formulas, formula variables and more. Flash Demo

5. Export and Share your Documentation

Export documentation

You can export report documentation to Word, Excel, HTML, XML, PDF and ASCII formats. Report blueprints can be exported as JPEG or Bitmap image files. You can also export entire Workbenches or folders as HTML documentation to share over the network or intranet. Flash Demo

A Workbench is an organised group of Crystal Reports. Creating groups of reports better organises your documentation database, making it easier to find specific reports as your database grows. You can also import your folder hierarchies into a Workbench.

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6. View Design and Performance Suggestions

Report Analyzer automatically detects potential performance issues in your report design settings and provides suggestions to correct design errors and common report setting mistakes such as including unused objects or invalid database server settings. Flash Demo

7. Document Reports located on your Enterprise Server

Report Analyzer Enterprise Edition allows you to document reports located on your Enterprise server (supports Crystal Enterprise 10 and Business Objects Enterprise XI). Flash Demo